Monday, November 14, 2011

loving His ways...

I can hardly believe it's 3 months since I last posted!  I think I kind of scared myself in beginning to write personally about my "love-story".  It's easier for me to write about my love story with my Savior!

One reason I wasn't writing was that I was thinking that I was doing so well, that I should hardly be writing as a person with cancer!    I've been rejoicing even more now as I got word that my last PET scan showed that it was disappearing, and the radiologist would almost call it a normal reading!

Then, just days before I got that great news from the oncologist, I stepped out too hard off the patio slab on to a rock.  I still don't know if it was because of stepping on the rock crooked, or if a bone broke from the sudden weight, or what!!    Anyway, I went down with waves of nausea hitting me, and I knew instantly that I must have fractured something! .  (I've had a broken arm near my wrist, and also a broken collar bone, but this total weakness and nausea that hit me was far worse than for those!)  We went to the ER as it was the weekend.  The doc there on viewing the xray thought I had two fractures, and wondered about something on the big bone, and asked if I had ever broken that, as it looked like an old break that had healed.  I told him I had never fractured it as far as I could remember.   Anyway, he said I'd have to see an orthopedist and get it set, and then they stabilized it for me, and sent me home on crutches.

I'm still wondering if God did some special miracle for me.   When I went to the orthopedist on Monday, he seemed to think only the side little bone beneath the ankle was fractured, and as my sister had an ortho-boot, said that would do, for holding it securely while it healed.   It didn't seem nearly as bad as the doctor in the ER seemed to indicate.    THEN, when talking to my daughter in Egypt, she told me that my grand-daughter had a strange but wonderful experience while at the IHOP praise and prayer gathering with thousands of others away over there in Egypt on that Saturday when I injured myself.   She was praising and praying, and suddenly bent down and touched her LEFT foot, and prayed for healing for someone (she didn't know it was her own grandmother needing it!)   With the seven hour time difference, she was probably praying for me, just as I was in the ER!

Anyway, I'm doubly thanking God for healing....both for the cancer disappearing from the PET scans, and for my foot getting well so fast.   I've had this ortho-boot on for 5 weeks, and am getting along without crutches now.   I teased saying that maybe I was able to be a little like Paul in

2Cr 12:7 And 2532 lest 3363 I should be exalted above measure 5229 through the abundance 5236 of the revelations 602, there was given 1325 to me 3427 a thorn 4647 in the flesh 4561, the messenger 32 of Satan 4566 to 2443 buffet 2852 me 3165, lest 3363 I should be exalted above measure 5229.(from

as it seemed like maybe God allowed this "accident" to my foot, so that I wouldn't be too exuberant over the results of the PET scan!  Anyway, I'm praising the LORD for His love, and the way He works in my life....and thankful for grandchildren who pray believingly!  I'm not sure where this blog will go from here!