Wednesday, April 6, 2011

on the road again...with prayers

I read this morning from Acts 12, and I noticed how Herod had John killed in verse 1.  Then he had Peter arrested.  In verse 5, it says..."but constant prayer was offered to God for him by the church."   I wonder if the church hadn't prayed, would Peter still have been rescued?   It seems that it was their prayer that freed God to work for Peter.

When traveling on the freeway yesterday, I was passing a big semi.   Ahead of me, suddenly I saw a huge piece of truck tire in my lane.  There was no time to slow down to get behind the semi, or to speed up and pass it.  In that split second, I saw there was more room between the tire and the semi, then there was between it and the left edge of the pavement....and going at 65, or 70mph, I swung over close to the semi and back again, startling Earl and maybe giving him a few more grey hairs.  But I thanked God for giving me the quickness of thought to see what to do, and for His angel holding my hand as I steered it so quickly.  Afterward, I thought of the "prayers of the church".   I wonder if the church hadn't prayed, would we have been rescued?   Thank you for praying, church!

  • Makes me very thankful for those praying for me.
  • Makes me see the importance of my praying for others


  1. Good thoughts, sis. Glad you are okay, and wait to hear more from you when you safely arrive in Egypt!

  2. I am encouraged by your post for a couple reasons. We spent four hours on the road yesterday just before I read it. The hazards of the road were fresh yet we had had a good trip which came by prayers for traveling mercies. Today I go for chemo and knowing it may be a different chemo makes me nervous yet I know the church is praying. So I can go in confidence knowing God hears prayers. Thank you. Lois