Sunday, May 29, 2011

Still here....

Yes, I'm still here, though I've been absent from this blog!
Okay, it's Memorial Day weekend.  I'm glad I can have memories, rather than being a memory.  Specially today, there are memories of those who've given their lives for our freedom, as well as memories of loved ones--of those who are related, as well as those who became precious to me because of their input in my life. 

It's been over a month since I've blogged :(.  Actually, I've wondered what I'm doing with this "unexpected journey" with cancer, when I've felt soooooooooo great...especially when I was in Egypt and Israel.  It was like I was ten years younger.  Now, sometimes, I get that nagging lower backache and wonder, 'are those spots growing?' and then, I pray and commit my life to the Lord again.  But I also want to do the things that should not be left undone in case I don't have strength to do them later.  I suppose we should feel that way, healthy or not--asking God what He wants of this day from/for me, as none of us knows when our last breath will be.   I'm thinking of the 139 plus in Joplin, young and old.   May our Lord be comforting the ones left behind.

Yes, I was able to have a most wonderful month in Egypt and Israel.  Regarding my health and strength, I guess the most trying time was when I thought I could hike up Mt. Sinai.   Not sure yet if I chickened out too soon, or if I could have made it.  It was so great having son Jon there, who walked back with me when I turned back.   I then wished I would have accepted the camel rides proffered to me earlier.  However,  they had seen that I and others planned on walking all the way up, and had gone back with their camels.  In turning back, (in retrospect) we were able to enjoy seeing more of the monastery there at St. Catherines in the daylight hours.  (Later, Jon walked up with a few others who went up in the dark with flashlights, and waited for the sunrise while up there at the top.)  I'll just post a few pictures from the journey that day (not in the right order though!)

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