Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 word poems... encouraging me...

A friend of mine loves making poems.  She asked me to give her 5 words...a noun, an animal, a color, a verb and a "soul word" (emotion).  Off the top of my head, I gave her tree-rabbit-rose-gallop and cry (this last word because at that moment we were in a waiting line of people at a viewing for a friend who died.)  I thought I'd share this little poem which she blessed me with, within about 10 or 15 minutes.  She named it, "Better than Food."


Rose-red sunset
     streaks through the trees
as galloping horses
    lift high their knees;
the cry of the hound
    makes rabbit flee...
as I watch dusk settle,
    ...supper will keep.
RAV 6-23-11

Another poem using her mother's 5 words "lamp-gazelle-white-gambol-love has a real depth of meaning.  She named it "Loves Light"


lamp shining whitely through the gloom of night
moths gamboling like gazelles in its glowing light
midst heaven and earth love takes its flight
surrendering to its compelling might

like moths to the flame
we seek out love
finding its fullness
in God above

and truly whether cancer survivor, or cancer victor, or cancer the means to take me to heaven, I find "the fullness of love in God above"


  1. Hey sis!
    I think Crystal Mary, an Australia blogger friend, has helped solve my inability to comment on your blog by downloading Firefox.
    I loved the 5 word poem. Your friend is very talented!
    Hope to see you next week, and that you will be encouraged by a good report on your next MD visit!

  2. Hello Alice, Esther's sister...lovely to meet and greet you from the land of Oz.
    Hey your friend has great talent to turn a few words into a poem. So very clever, and God ordained. AMAZING!
    Cancer lives on Dead Food... overcooked, fried.
    Try changing your diet to No Meat, substitute for nuts and legumes. Fresh fruit and vegitables blended as juices. You can still cook but not over cook.. the juices are great to detox the liver. Drink enough water, its a miracle fluid and people often get sick without realising they are dehydrated.
    God Bless you heaps.With love Crystal Mary.

  3. How nice it would be to have this ability. Thank you for sharing. That's really amazing.