Monday, June 27, 2011

just having people like that...

 The vacuum is pretty heavy to pull out, and then by using it, muscles in my lower back for some reason notice it.  It's not like huge pain,  but it makes for a backache for several days.  I first found that out with my weed-eating experience a little over a week ago.  (Though I didn't feel like stopping, my daughter came and insisted on finishing the job---actually doing about ninety percent of a yard recovery act!)  It was probably a good thing she did.

I don't like this deterioration in my body!   But friends are wonderful.  They remind me that every ache or pain I have, does NOT mean that its the cancer growing!   I'm thankful, too, that the Lord has a path planned for me, like my sister in her blog wrote.  ( for June 24th.)

I guess one thing I'm learning from this unexpected journey is to let go of my pride. 
It's humbling to accept people doing things for you!   Really, it's not so hard to let a daughter do it, : ) but friends???

It's humbling to accept people doing things for you!  But when friends come by and insist, it really is wonderful!  My floors are vacuumed and even some of the bigger furniture was moved to get the dust removed where it hasn't been gotten for awhile!   Thank you Lord for just having people like that in my life!

  Thankful that the Lord takes notice, too.   "Behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give every man according as his work shall be."  Rev. 22:12

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  1. Wonderful to have such a thoughtful daughter and wonderful to have friends who help. Thank you for sharing. I pray for strength for you dear Alice.