Monday, January 17, 2011

the big 7 0 !

Okay, certainly I should be able to come up with something wise now that I'm 70!   I've just had a great day, starting with Earl making breakfast for me---our favorite oatmeal with raisins, toast and coffee. Then, exercising with friends, having friends at the Monday Bible Study surprise me with a little birthday party, and having my sister drive 60 miles over to take me out to lunch made the day great, plus having phone calls, and all the birthday remembrances on Facebook.  Then a nap in the afternoon while listening to my pc audio reading the Psalms.   I really feel like I've had a WONDERFUL day.   The LORD is so good to me!  Thank you for all who read this and pray for me, too!  I'll write more when I'm more inspired...

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