Wednesday, January 12, 2011

here goes!

The radiologist thought it looked like metastases (spreading of the breast cancer)  in the CT scan.  I was sent for another CT scan...sent to another doctor, sent to a surgeon, then sent to the oncologist for a PET scan.  (Maybe, this late in life, I should start a new career, I've learned a lot about these things I never new before!)

January 3, 2011 - the beginning of an unexpected journey!  The PET scan showed "hot spots" (most probably metastases) in my lower spine and in my right hip.   Really to confirm the diagnosis would be to have a very painful biopsy in the bone, so they are just treating it like it is that, with daily tamoxifen and another PET scan in 3 months, hoping it has shrunk....or disappeared!!!  With God, all things are possible!
A few of the children have suggested I make a blog...tell my thoughts concerning this "unexpected journey" this year.   If  you want to peek in, welcome!   I have been so blessed with family!  Just thinking of family, I come up with...
  • Those born from my MOTHER's womb (all 12 of us, and their mates and families!)
  • Those born into Earl's  and my family, whether by natural birth, adoption, or living with us,  
  • Those who are born from our Heavenly FATHER!
  • and hopefully, some yet to be born into that heavenly family...

Having so much support in love and prayer from family is a wonderful gift!

    My thoughts and feelings are questions not all answered, but if you want, I'll be sharing some of them with you.  My kids think it will be good for me to write it out....let's see!

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    1. I hope it will be good for you, to be sharing your thoughts and feelings here... I am being very selfish, thinking that it's very good for me, to have this insight and peek into your "unexpected journey." But if not, if it's a burden or turns out to be not helpful, then I, and all your other family, would want you to do what's best for you! we love you. and we want to take this journey with you somehow.