Monday, January 24, 2011

more birthdays ahead?

      Yesterday was a wonderful day with the church having a special birthday celebration for my 70th birthday!  Such love and sharing and precious relationships were there!

      A few weeks ago, in my down times, I wondered if this would be my last birthday.   But God has just blessed me with His peace...that my times are in His Hands!  

      It's rather weird not knowing what's going on inside your body...BUT it's times like these, I can develop in my trust in knowing that He's the One who knows my sitting down and my rising up.  He understands my thoughts, and comprehends my path, and is acquainted with all my ways....and in His book the days that were fashioned for me are all written down. (paraphrased from Psalm 139). 

     So I will trust and not be afraid!  I'm also looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.


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