Friday, January 14, 2011

Good news outweighs the bad news...

Yesterday, we got the good news, Earl's cancer had not climbed significantly on the PSA rating.
Then the bad news, that a fellow pastor had succumbed to cancer. 

Good news, this pastor loved His Savior a lot, and was always encouraging others to know Him.
Bad news, we received news of Earl's dear sister's husband's departure from this life.
Good news, his breathing was getting slower and when she whispered,  "you can trust the Lord to take you home now",  he squeezed her hand and in a few minutes breathed his last breath.  He was 94.

I like the phrase, Corrie ten Boom continually reminded herself and others,  "Jesus is Victor!"   As I think of myself, and this cancer coming back, I sometimes wonder, "Could it really claim this earthly life of mine?  or am I going to experience His healing?"  I had a dream the other night.  In it, Joel and I were swimming across a river, (it looked beautiful like our Buffalo River here in Arkansas) and as we got closer to the other side, the water was deeper and darker and suddenly a huge crocodile or something like it opened its jaws and came swimming toward us.  We turned and began swimming quickly back to shore.  It was gaining on us.  Though it seemed I was swimming as hard as I could, my son said, "Give it all you got...swim harder!"  (I'm glad we have a king-sized mattress, as I wonder if Earl would have been kicked out of bed by this time!) We swam harder and in my dream, I saw the crocodile turn back, and we swam safely to shore.   Could that be a vision of the jaws of death being defeated this time, and it's not my time yet to get to the other shore?   I am glad He's the One Who knows, and that I'm in HIS Hands!  Remind me of this verse if sometime I'm "swimming harder" and needing His assurance. "In nothing be anxious, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God  And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."   Phil. 4:6, 7 and that JESUS IS VICTOR!


  1. wow mom! I was reading this (and blessed and encouraged to hear your thoughts and feelings) and Lydia said, "hey I had a dream about a crocodile last night!" She can't remember what it was about but she must of had a glimpse with you... or been swimming beside you or cheering you on!!! amazing!!! (btw, this is lois, using joseph's computer...)

  2. Yes, my dear sis, I think this dream has deep meaning. Fight, sister, fight! "To God the Lord belong escapes from death" - I think you are so needed here, and God has much more work for you to do - Sooo, FIGHT with all your might, and we will fight with you by praying, encouraging, or whatever else we can do!

  3. I am just thankful you have been here all these years since my dad kept David from hitting you over the head with the boat oar when he thought you were the outlaw Hildebrand!!LOL Do you remember that day down on the Buffalo at Rock Haven?

    I believe with Esther that God still has work for you and Earl here so "Fight On"


  4. Esther, thanks for your very deliberate and specific and clear message, which I also want to repeat to you mom: give it all you got, mom, swim harder! Having complete and utter dependence on God's plans and timing and will does not at all conflict with "...rowing towards shore!!!" I pray that you know and feel real freedom to fight this. I pray that no circumstance, and not the age and health of your dear husband, make you feel guilty for choosing to fight this with all your might. You have many people, and lots of grandchildren, who really need your impact on their lives! My kids have really gained so much from you and have lifelong preciaous memoires they will treasure... and I wish the same for the 5 other little ones... and all the families in DC... etc, etc...